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Inter Express Logistics : IEL

Inter Express Logistics has been established since 1991 when they formed by the experienced team dealing with Transportation & Cargo Distribution Business. Our company provides the total solution of Nation wide Distribution Services through our dedicated Distribution Center Network in Thailand. We can serve your cargo on both FTL (Full Truck Loaded) and LTL (Less Than Truck Loaded) and Logistics service based on daily departure when those cargoes will be consolidated and delivered to any destination in Thailand upon the commitment date.

Inter Express Logistics aims to be a leading Transport Service Provider in Thailand in order to fulfill our customer needs in developing and enhancing of their supply chain management capabilities. The basic reasons that many companies choose their outsourcing provider are (BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER).

Our objective is to provide a nation wide distribution service to our customers with quality, punctuality and give them a competitive edge towards their competitors from our professional team.  We manage full transport network including deliveries, point to point movements, one pick up & multiple drops, multiple picks up & multiple drops.  Movements can be managed across 11 multiple Distribution Centers with full tracking at consignment and product levels. We emphasize on the better service, faster delivery, and delivery status. Our Business Philosophy is being "A Partner of Success".

From Traditional Logistics to Modern Logistics

Logistics is one part of the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the efficient and effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of destination, in order to meet customers’ requirements. Presently, Inter Express Logistics can provide you the faster delivery, faster response and punctuality with computerized system.

Our Vision
 Inter Express Logistics 
is committed to the transportation and disrtibution industries. We are proud to provide services which comply to standards in the highest level. It seeks to offer and service these solutions to meet the customers needs in line with its motto "Smart Operation and Advanced Distribution".

Our Mission
"To be one of the key players to fulfill the best-in-class of Logistics Service & Nation Wide Distribution throughout Thailand with the latest technology in order to contribute to the Logistics Service Industry with effectively and economically among the globalization." 


Company Name

Inter Express Logistics Co.Ltd.


1 Rama 3 Soi 37, Bang-Pongpang,

Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 Thailand


+66 2682 3101


+66 2682 3331




525 Persons


13 D.C.

Truck (10 WL)

120 Units


8 Units


720 Units


news update
IEL join in Logistics Conference
IEL join in Logistics Conference
Biogenetech Audit IEL Process
Biogenetech Audit IEL Process
IEL have tested the environment.
In Light, Noise and Heat
IEL passed the Surveillance Audit
IEL passed the Surveillance Audit