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Cargo Tracking

     Inter Express Logistics are fully aware that the delivery status is one of the most important information that need to be updated and informed to the shipper promptly.

     IEL’s Distribution Services provide access to systems that ensure our customers have control and visibility of their shipment at all times. Delivery Order or Invoice can be tracked, queried online ie. To enter these systems and ensure security of information, log-in details and passwords are required. For Download in Link below.

Delivery Status Self Check
1. Please click in link "IEL-Tracking Management System". You can see "การตรวจสอบจากเลขที่ใบนำส่ง" or the right box. Please input this.-
     - Order Date  : input the date from delivery order.
     - Oeder No    : input the No of your delivery order.
Then click Search or "ค้นหา" the system will find your delivery order status and show you.

If you have some question, Please call - Bangna 02-312-8751 or Rama3 Head office   02-682-3101

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IEL join in Logistics Conference
IEL join in Logistics Conference
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Biogenetech Audit IEL Process
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IEL passed the Surveillance Audit