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The Service of Inter Express Logistics Co.,Ltd. and Inter Express Home Delivery Co., Ltd. have 3 types :

  1. Nationwide service delivery
  2. Return service delivery
  3. Contractor services vehicles for nationwide delivery

Nationwide Service Delivery

The current scope of service for delivery are covers both Bangkok and upcountry.(Central, North, Northeast and South) We have the distribution center for each region :


  • Head Office               : Rama3 rd. Soi37  Bangkok 
  • Bangkok and Central  : Bangna DC  20 km.
  • North                        : Nakhon Sawan, Pitsanulok, Phrae and Chieng Mai
  • Northeast                  : Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Ubol Ratchathani
  • South                        : Chumphon, Surat Thani, Phuket, Songkhla (Hadyai) 
delivery time_e

    1. Capable to contact the 13 IEL offices with Logistics Network system for nationwide service delivery.
    2. The only neat packaging to delivery service (no packaging service) 
    3. No delivery service for alive product, hazardous chemicals and addictive substance.
    4. Every product must have the Label and specify -
        • Sender name, address and telephone no. to contact
        • Recipient name, address and telephone no. to contact

And the label must specify over the box for the total of piece. In case that have more 2 pieces.

The Process of delivery service


    5. Customers must fill out an inventory (Manifest) by the Company or a control product with products delivered. To summarize the list each times the delivery to the Company. And documented at the company. Signed to confirm the company. Have been used as a control product (Manifest), by the information given in the Batch Control Product (Manifest) is bringing out the sender's name, recipient's name, address, parish, district and province. And contact Be included in the inventory itself.

    6. The Warranty, in case the item is damaged or lost during transport. We is willing to make amends to the value of the damaged goods, but not more than 5,000 baht per box. If you want to damage the value of the insurance company thought. 0.25 insurance fee of the value of the insured. Apart from the transport

    7. When the company received its control (Manifest), along with the product. As mentioned above, We will allow employees to verify that the product meets the specific items included in inventories (Manifest) If not, it will let customers get aware. Then wait for the confirmation and correction of customers. When the product leaves the correct corresponding control. Staff will deliver goods into the system.
    8. If the customer does not have a signed document to the end customer, the Company's Document Delivery service is provided. As evidence of shipping. Details are as follows: Delivery Order.

  • Delivery to customers will receive the goods (yellow copy) as evidence to confirm the shipping company source.

  • The waybill rest. (White and pink copy) will lead the company and the product. Signed to the destination and retrieval. The Company will return such documents to customers as evidence of the following items.

    If there are any questions, please contact us at the number.      02-682-3101 Ext 602 – 603

Return service delivery
In addition to shipping nationwide. We also provide services for product returns back. By order of the service user. To meet the needs of customers. In case of replacement Send a release Other repair and return the Product to the Company recognizes the importance of such a service for returned along with the shipment. The company has developed software to take control GRMS service Returns. Is even more powerful.


Duration of Returned

  • Returns nationwide within 5 business days (not counting the documents Not include the receiving documents).

How to use the Return Goods

    1. Customers are demanding the company refund the channels of the following services.

  • Can come in contact with a person at the company. The form must Overwhelmed. Returns of the Company or any notice given by the product itself.
  • Send a letter to the department Returns by mail (,,
  • Send a letter to the department Returns by Fax. Comes at number 02-6824506.

    2. The product has the following channels.

  • In case the product itself. Returns department to call. Prompted to allow the product to the company. The statement is executed. A copy of the customer to pay for goods and services received.
  • For customers who use the service with the Company on a daily basis. Returns department to deposit the transfer documents to its employees. Bring products to restore the company's customers.
  • If the company Tel. Inform customers to get the product to the company. Within a period of 15 days if the customer does not receive the goods. And there is damage to the Company will not be responsible for any damage that occurs.

Contractor services vehicles for delivery across the country.

      If the customer wishes to use the contractor services vehicles for delivery.  Both pickups, 6-wheel, 10-wheel semi truck for shipments to destinations across the country. Or rent a car and do the marketing roadshows and more. We offer car rental service with driver Trip. To meet the needs of various customers.

Type of service & Product warranty conditions

Responsibility in case of damage The value of lost or damaged, but not beyond.

  • Pickup(PU)  warranty not over 200,000 Bath

  • Truck warranty not over 1,000,000 Bath

How to use contractor services vehicles for delive
  • Can request the service, Please contact. 
                Truck/Trailer     Tel. 081-355-9838   
                                        Email :,

                Pickup           Tel. 02-3128751-60  Ext. 147,148
                                     Email :,
     Note : Must be requested one day in advance.

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